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1 Page Advertising is all about extending your off-line ads, such as the ones you place in local or national newspapers and magazines, beyond the space limitations set by advertising editors. It also allows you to utilise our rich feature sets to better promote and place your products and services in your target marketplace.

Although an on-line media, 1 Page Advertising does not replace your off-line ads! In fact, by linking from your newspaper or magazine adverts to your 1 Page ad, you will have the freedom to continue with the theme of your ad to highlight and emphasise the key selling points of your products and services you wish to promote, without any off-line advertising space and cost concerns.

By keeping it up-to-date, you will immediately notice the major benefit of your 1 Page ad! Imagine you have signed up for Repeat ads in one or multiple magazines. By linking to your 1 Page ad, and as long as you keep your 1 Page ad up-to-date, your magazine ads will always be pointing to your latest promotions, products, or services without you having to make any changes to their contents. In fact, once you have signed up to our service, we’d like to refer to your magazine ads as Place-and-Forget ads!

Before we continue talking about how 1 Page advertising works, it is important to understand the difference between your website and your 1 Page ad.

The way we see it, the main purpose of your website is to put your business on the map, and tell visitors to your website about your business and the range of products and services on offer. On the other hand, the main focus of your 1 Page ad is, or should be:

Now, let's look at the process and how you can benefit from your dedicated 1 Page ad.

  1. You tell us how you'd like to extend the reach of your current newspaper or magazine ad by submitting the content and format of your 1 Page ad, just as you would with your off-line ads. The extension to your off-line ad can contain all the features, or a selection of features outlined in your chosen package. You can pick and choose as you wish.
  2. Once you have finalised the content and format of your ad, we start creating your 1 Page ad.
  3. We provide a shortened web address to, and a QR code for your 1 Page ad* as soon as it is ready to go live.
  4. You place your ad in local or national magazine(s), newspaper(s) or any other off-line media as normal, including the shortened web address and the QR code we created for your campaign earlier. Please note that your off-line ad needs to be targeted and related to your 1 Page ad for continuity and consistency.
  5. Now let's say John sees your ad in the magazine. He is keen to find out more! He either scans your QR code or types in the shortened web address on his computer. John is now presented with your 1 Page ad where he can find out more about the product or service you are promoting and will contact you for more information.  
  6. John is happy with your product or service on offer. He places an order or hires your services.
  7. Your 1 Page ad has done its job.

* Your 1 Page ad will be hosted on our hosting server and will appear on our website at :<your business name>

What is 1 Page Advertising and what can it do for YOU?

Let’s look at an example

Step 1 - We start with an example of a typical magazine ad.

avh Slideshows magazine ad example

Step 2 - We now try to re-write our original ad, but at he same time provide links to our dedicated online 1 Page ad to expand on our service(s) and product(s) on offer.

Please note that for demonstration purposes we have only re-written the ad copy and have not attempted to reduce its size. However, in practice, if you wish, you can reduce the size of your original ad to save money too!

avh Slideshows magazine ad example with shortened URL and a QR Code

It is as easy and simple as that!

Now, it is over to you to decide if you want to do the same with your magazine or newspaper ads.

Remember, you only PAY ONCE, NO renewal fees, NO limitation on advertising space, and your magazine and newspaper ads will ALWAYS be up-to-date without you making any changes to them!

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