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Replace your big and costly ads with a much cheaper and smaller ad in any publication, linking them to your dedicated on-line 1 page ad! This is how it works!

Let’s say you have 5 identical or different ads in 5 different publications with a readership of, say, 10,000 each. Also, let’s assume each ad is costing you £200 for, probably, one calendar month. This is a total readership of 50,000 for £1000 in advertising costs.

Whatever the percentage of Return On your Investment, unless you pay for a reprint your ads will be removed from the next issue! This is the reality of off-line (magazine, newspaper, other) advertising, and we all know it!

Now consider this! If you reduce the size of your ads to ½ their original size you can reduce the placement cost of your ads by almost ½, giving you the flexibility  to place more ads in 5 additional publications - 10 in total in our example!

Let’s do the maths again. For the same advertising budget of £1000, we have now increased our potential readership from 50,000 to 100,000! Or, if you prefer, you can keep your readership at 50,000 for almost ½ the cost i.e., £500, should you decide to advertise in 5 publications only. (Please do bear in mind that these figures and estimates are just to demonstrate how you can use our service to your advantage, so they should not be considered as facts.)

You might argue that since you have reduced the size of your ads they will not be as effective as your full-length ads.  Not really!

The difference this time is that each and every one of your new ads will have either a QR code or a short link to your 1 Page ad, the ad which you can always keep up to date, where you have the opportunity and the freedom to describe your products and services using pictures, videos, animations, whatever your purchased package allows you to do, without worring about your advertising space!

The important thing to note here is that you should not try to sell your products or services using your 1 Page ad.  You should use your 1 Page ad to help promote your business and redirect your visitors to your website, where you do the selling. That is the difference!

The take away here is this. By having the ability to link to your on-line 1 Page ad :

  1. You save money by reducing the size of your off-line ads,
  2. You will always redirect your potential customers to your latest offerings, promotions, services and products, no matter how old your off-line ad is,
  3. You will always be linking to your constantly updated 1 Page ad with unlimited shelf-life.


How to save money by linking to your 1 Page ad!

Let us help you Promote your business! Contact us here.Now it is your turn to make a decision! After all this is YOUR business, and only you can decide if our service can help take your business to the next level.   Over to you now!